Job Seeker Testimonials

“Working with EmployAbility Midlands gave me a lot of belief in myself. Before this, I would think about working but never really had the confidence to do anything about it. The weekly meetings with my Employment Officer helped me to focus on building my career. Together, we applied for several jobs, and after a few months I got the perfect job match to suit my computer skills. Working has changed my life completely. Of course there’s the money – but the job gives me so much more. I am a much more confident person now and my life has a real sense of purpose. Thank you.”
Administrative Assistant,
Co. Westmeath

“I had sent my C.V. in a few times to my local supermarket, but when my  Employment Officer, spoke to the manager about Supported Employment, I got the job.
I really love working there. All the staff are really nice and helpful to me. My Employment Officer came to work with me for the first few times, which made it easier for me to fit in with everyone and to know what I was doing. I can do the job by myself now but it is still nice to meet up with my Employment Officer to talk about work and to know she’s there if I have any problems. ”
Shop Assistant,

“I am looking forward to heading into the second year of my first job as a receptionist in a local company. I am grateful to EmployAbility Midlands for helping me to get this job and also helping me to be a good receptionist. My Employment Officer helped me to politely deal with visitors and telephone queries, and to put my computer skills to use in my job. She helps me to make to-do lists to organise my work for the day. It’s good to have that support there.”