Why Choose EmployAbility Service Midlands?

Our team is comprised of a group of Employment Officers with different professional backgrounds. We have achieved a good balance of disability awareness but also business awareness. We understand the needs of employers. We understand the pressure people are under to compete in a business or service environment.

We are aware of your concerns regarding compliance, legislation and health and safety in the workplace. We are a non-profit organisation and are driven to place people to improve the quality of their lives, realise their dreams and goals and therefore find them a good fit in terms of job placement.

We strive at all times to find the right person for the right job and create good job matches. We want to assist you, the employer, to create equal opportunities with positive outcomes for both parties. To achieve our goals we really need to give you a good service that meets your needs as an employer.

We can reduce your recruitment costs

Advertising vacancies on line or in newspapers can be very expensive due to cost and also the time dedicated to selecting suitable people for interview from hundreds of applications. Why not call us and see if we have any suitable candidates who are already assessed and matched and ready to take up employment?

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