Frequently Asked Questions – Employers

How are candidates selected?

Here at EmployAbility Midlands we have a process through which we thoroughly examine our client’s educational standard, work experience (s), employment record to date and their transferable skills.

When an employer is seeking to recruit for a particular role we would job match our client’s skills and abilities to the requirements of the role and then forward the most suitable candidates’ CVs to the employer.

In conjunction with that we can offer the employer a short period of work experience for the most suitable candidate, this has proven to be an excellent way to establish a client’s suitability for the job and the job’s suitability for the client.  There is no charge to the employer for this ‘job trial’ as we provide a small subsistence payment to our client during this period.


Insurance costs?
There is little difficulty in obtaining insurance at normal rates once a safe working environment is provided.

What happens if it’s not working out?
What happens when any recruitment is not working out? EmployAbility Midlands will support you in exploring and implementing suitable solutions up to and including termination of contract.

Won’t there be extra costs?
Often not. Not all people with disabilities need adaptations or specialised equipment. Grants are available and we can advise on this if required.

How will my existing staff react?
People with disabilities want to be treated the same as other employees. There is funding available through the Department of Social Protection regarding disability awareness training in the workplace.
An Employment Officer on site can also help to overcome misconceptions about working beside people with disabilities. Based on EmployAbility Midlands employer feedback, having a person with a disability in the workforce can often have positive affect on staff morale.

What about customer perception of my business?
Customers often appreciate that a business is making an effort to employ people with disabilities.
Employing people with a disability can attract and maintain a wider customer base. Promoting inclusion and addressing the large scale unemployment experienced by people with disabilities is an important expression of responsibility (both corporate and community).

 If you require further information please contact our Head Office on 057 93 23091 or you can contact any of our Employment Officers whose details are avaiable here: